You Can Help

There are several ways you can participate in the activities of the Tucson Bird Count and help further the goal of making Tucson a more bird friendly community.

You can participate in the annual and quarterly bird counts that are part of the long term study of bird distributions in Tucson. The data that has been collected from this ongoing study that began in 2001 is what provides the information for the recommendations to enhance urban habitat in Tucson to make it more useful to native birds.

All of us can help to share our space in Tucson with native birds by incorporating the recommendations for creating and enhancing bird habitat in our yards, neighborhoods and communities. Whether you help with one or both, you are helping to make Tucson a better place for birds and providing habitat that would otherwise have been lost to them.

Route Monitoring

TBC's Route Program is unlike other surveys. Every year, TBC participants count individuals of all bird species at hundreds of sites across the Tucson area.

Learn more about Route Monitoring

Park Monitoring

  1. Pick a park or other area that you'd like to monitor. It can be a neighborhood or city park, section of wash, "natural" park, or any other area you like to bird. Sites currently being monitored are shown on the map above. If a park you're interested in has been adopted, you can contact that park's Group Leader about helping out, or adopt a park of your own.
  2. Get a group of birders together who are interested in monitoring the area. The minimum group size depends on the size of the park: one person may be enough for smaller parks, more for larger ones.
  3. Become familiar with the area if you aren't already (e.g., know what's accessible, make access arrangements if necessary).
  4. Email us the area you'd like to adopt. We will work with you in planning the counts for your area. Each time your group surveys the area, you'll enter your data into the TBC database.

Learn more about Park Monitoring